About Us

TEV Marketing – A Refreshing Approach

TEV Marketing is a goals first comprehensive online marketing agency. The focus is on creating a strategy that maximizes your online exposure, traffic, conversions, brand awareness and ultimately revenue growth. In some instances, that might be mean having a dominant presence on Google with a high-conversion website. In other cases it might be creating a powerful Social Media and online advertising strategy. In most cases it’s a combination of multiple marketing tools coming together to form one integrated marketing strategy.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tim Dodd - TEV Marketing CEO Profile Picture

Tim Dodd

Tim Dodd is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for business development. Being surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and technology experts, Tim quickly found his gifting as a marketing expert when he launched his first company KC Detailing.

Evelyn Jordan - TEV Marketing Profile Pic

Evelyn Dodd

Evelyn is the one that brings order to chaos. With a heavy background in corporate training, including consulting for Sprint, Evelyn knows how to organize, train, motivate and keep everyone on the same track.

Isaac Anderson - COO - TEV Marketing

Isaac Anderson

Isaac Anderson, AKA Webmaster Yoda, is passionate about digital marketing and helping clients produce powerful traffic, conversion and ultimately ROI. If a strategic thinker, extrovert, computer guru and outdoorsman all somehow had one child it would be Isaac Anderson. Somehow he makes it work.

Want To Read A Great Story?

TEV Marketing was founded by Evelyn and Tim Dodd in 2016, the story dates all the way back to 2009 with a little company called KC Detailing. You see, Tim had an idea to start a detailing business and started to tell everyone that one day he was going to write a book called “The Millionaire With A Hose and A Bucket”. While at first some people thought that was cute, Tim and his team were able to quickly market KC Detailing to the top shop in the Kansas City region. Including getting in with the Time Warner fleet, other large fleets, the Porsche club, the Ferrari club and lots of exotic car owners.


The company did so well that other business owners started asking Tim and his marketing team to help them with their companies. By 2013, KC Detailing was fully staffed and running while Tim launched Bee Found as a side project. Bee Found did so well that by 2014 KC Detailing was sold to it’s now owner Jonathan Farris and Bee Found was launched full time as an SEO company.


It didn’t take long before the demand for web design, social media and other services started to skyrocket. Isaac Anderson lead the charge saying “I mean, you can only go so far as a company if you only offer SEO. No matter how great you are at it, being siloed as an SEO is extremely limiting. To be successful, businesses need to be backed by a full marketing strategy.” Tim and his team knew that to be truly successful with their client’s marketing, they would have to be comprehensive in their marketing approach just like they were with KC Detailing. This is where our goals first approach was birthed.


During 2014 is when the TEV story begins. You see, Bee Found was doing great. The team was innovating, getting great results for their clients and really seeing some great growth. But, to quote Guy Kawasaki, the organization was missing it’s organization. This is when Evelyn stepped in as the OTC (Order to Chaos). Evelyn’s background in the corporate world and her experience training teams for Sprint, gave her just the skills and knowledge that Bee Found lacked.


Evelyn remembers when she was first introduced to the team and decided to jump on. “I just remember how passionate the entire team was when it came to delivering results for their clients. There was so much buzz and energy when the team was together. I was very attracted to the business and the whole team. You could just tell that this was going to be big but was lacking some very vital organizational components.” And so the next chapter in our story was unfolding.


Fast forward to 2015 and Bee Found expands to Miami Florida, continues to innovate and really makes a push for the goals first mentality to marketing. 2015 proved to be a year of transformation and major systems overhaul. Of 2015 Tim said, “It was a powerful year. Other marketing agencies where outsourcing their work to us, we were taking on new and unique projects, we opened an office in South Florida, we started landing big name clients and our marketing product was becoming very comprehensive. It was really the year when we transformed from an SEO company that offered other services to a full service marketing agency that offered SEO as one tool to be successful.


By 2016 Tim and Evelyn partnered up to rebrand the company. This new company needed not just a minor brand overhaul but a complete brand change. You see, the Bee Found brand was a cute brand that did well as a small SEO company but it did not represent the level of excellence that Tim, Evelyn, Isaac and the entire Bee Found team had molded it to be. That is when the TEV Marketing brand was formed.


Our team is passionate and very competitive when it comes to our clients’ success. When you join the TEV Marketing team, you aren’t going to be put into a cookie cutter system. We don’t offer “packages.” With TEV Marketing you are going to have a team of advanced marketing experts diligently working for your company in a truly unique and powerful way.