Our Capabilities

What We Can Do For Your Company

Below are some of the tools that we use to help our clients succeed. You won’t find “packages” here. Every marketing strategy is custom designed for the needs of each client.

  • Creating high conversion websites that lead to more customers.

  • Intelligent data driven conversion strategies to maximize ROI.

  • Take advantage off all of the free inbound leads Google has to offer.

  • Get quick traction and stay in front of your interested consumers.

  • Leverage the power of social media to grow your customer base.

  • Create an identity, brand and logo that rightly represents your company.

  • Get those negative results off the front page of the search engines.

  • Get your message across effectively with animated videos.

  • Email continues to be a powerful marketing tool. Are you using it?

Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Web Design and CRO

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. 99% of the web design agencies take a design first approach when building a clients website. These same website designers then get frustrated when their website don’t convert. The problem is that they have it all backwards. They first create a design that fits their style. Then they create the message and the content to fit that design. The result is week content and an unnatural message.

The Content First Approach

  • The TEV Marketing team takes a very unique approach to website design.
  • First, we craft your message and the content. In fact, the content you are reading right now was written before the design for this page was every thought of.
  • Second, we create the design of the website to fit the message, content and website goals.
  • Lastly we harmonize the content and design together to create a well designed highly converting website.
Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and Content Marketing

Gone are the days of simply setting up directories, keeping your blog active, building some backlinks, and then seeing huge rankings. Three people have gotten much smarter. Google, the online consumer and your competition.

Google’s algorithms demand a level of content marketing never seen before.
Our SEO and content marketing approach focuses on creating a unique strategy that puts your brand all over the web, drives real traffic and creates powerful Google rankings.

The Online Consumer
The online consumer has become much wiser and is much more apt to shop around.
Our conversion focused approach to SEO and content marketing is to make sure you have great rankings, great reviews, great content and maximum conversion.

Your Competition
Your competition has become wiser with the ways of online marketing. And, if they’ve been investing in their SEO for more than a year, they have a lot of momentum on you.
To beat out your competition, we analyze everything that they are doing and create a strategy that pushes the envelop way past what they are doing.

Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - PPC, Remarketing, And Adwords

Online Advertising

In a world where Google makes 90% of it’s seventy five billion dollars in revenue on it’s advertising, knowing how to maximize your online advertising is vital. If you are doing an okay job with your advertising, you are wasting tons of money. And, just being a “Google Certified” marketing agency doesn’t even guarantee a great return on your investment. With TEV Marketing, our goal is to get you one thing; the most amount of return per dollar you spend.

Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - Social Advertising And Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

These days, every knows they need to be on social media. The biggest problem faced these days is that most businesses are “doing social media” but there is a lack of purpose, strategy and goals. They kind of setup their social accounts, they sign up for Hootsuite, and then they blast out the same post to every social account.

Goals First Approach
Taking a goals first approach to social media is a powerful way to drive traffic and conversions. Your primary goal may be to get more B2B appointments for your sales team. Let’s get you setup on a very focused Linkedin strategy. You might have a book you’re trying to promote. Let’s get you in front of the right twitter and facebook audience. You might be a local restaurant trying to increase your first time and repeat business. Let’s create a custom strategy for that. I think you get the point. It’s not about a cookie cutter approach of blasting out a post twice a day through Hootsuite to all of your social accounts. It’s about targeted goal focused and results driven social media campaigns.

Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - Logo And Branding

Branding and Identity

Creating a great brand and identity isn’t about coming up with a logo and color scheme that looks good. Creating a great brand and identity is all about crafting the personality and image of your company. We ask questions like, if your company where a person, who would that person be? Are they funny, stern, laid back, etc? Are they approachable? Are they middle class or upper-class? How would they dress? I think you get the point. Once we understand who your company is, then we create your brand, logo and identity.

Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Whether you are a doctor with your own practice, an executive with a mugshot, or a local roofing company with some negative reviews, one or two bad reviews can have a massive impact on reputation. Whether you need help with your review acquisition strategy or need to push a negative Google result to the second or third page, TEV Marketing has what it takes to help you.

Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - Video Animation

Video Animation

In a world dominated by YouTube and short attention spans, using animated videos to get your message across can be very effective. In under 60 seconds you can capture someones attention, get them the information you want them to have and then have a nice call to action.

Different Types of Animation

  • Explainers
  • Story
  • Branding
  • Fun
  • Whiteboard
  • And More
Online Internet Marketing Capabilities - Email Marketing

Email and Marketing Automation


If you are still reading, you’ve probably already get that we are take a goals first approach to everything. And when it comes to email marketing and marketing automation, it is no different. Sending out email newsletters just to say your doing email marketing doesn’t work. Email marketing and marketing automation all together is about figuring out what your audience and your goals.

Our Process:

  • Strategizes – find out who your audience is and what your goals are.
  • Implement – set up several different campaigns so you can A/B test
  • Quantify – discover how each campaign performed and why
  • Innovate – figure out what components are working well, test new ideas, and repeat.